Open Art Crits

We are all happy to announce that Ffangai is going to be running Art Crits open to anyone at The Andrew Buchan pub, on Albany Road, Cardiff.

For those who are not familiar with the lingo, an art crit is a round table discussion in which one person presents their work (illustration, poem, short story, music piece, sculpture, pot, performance, etc.) in order to gain insights into how others perceive it through constructive criticism, unconstructive criticism, opinion-based criticism and sometimes support. Art crits dress you down and build you up by making you aware of where you’re faltering and where you can strengthen your work. All in all, they are good for any practicing artist. Once you’ve been offered some critique of your work, then, you can join in and return the favour to others.

Part of the reason behind having our first bi-weekly event being an Art Crit is due to one of Ffangai’s missions: to strengthen the local artist community. Art crits are also ways for people to get together and interact. Being an artist can be an isolating, lonely affair, so sitting in a room and meeting colleagues, new and old, can help banish this. It is Ffangai’s desire to start building a network of mutually supporting professionals, both in the arts and outside of them.

If you’re in the local area and want to share your work, share a drink, and talk to other local artists, do come along!

Facebook Event Page

Ffangai's Group Crit POSTER 01


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