ECHN P2P – Glasgow

Ffangai Director and Co-Founder, Ian Cooke-Tapia, is currently participating in the European Creative Hub Network Peer-2-Peer program. As part of the program, Ian is visiting Many Studios in The Barras, Glasgow, and meeting with many local “creative hubs”, from artist spaces, events management units, arts collective, performance platform, democratically curated galleries, and more.

While there are still some days left to go, as well as having to write up an official report on the findings, Ian can say that this trip has been one of the best decisions he’s taken. Perhaps the most telling piece of information so far has been the fact that, be for-profit or non-profit organization, every single one of these artist spaces has been very different to one another. Every hub functions within their particular contexts, organization structures, environment and user base.

There have been conversations on funding venues and systems, on the benefits of being a limited trade company versus a community interest company, both as a means for sustainability and for a more efficient support for the community these hubs support.

Late next week we’ll be publishing the first of a series of blog posts based on our activities in Glasgow and Edinburgh as part of the P2P program.


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