Current Habits of The Community

As part of our research into what type of space Ffangai can provide for a community of small businesses and enterprises, Ffangai is running a Facebook Poll asking a series of questions designed to find out the current habits of those who take part in it. By using the MOMTest, Ffangai aims to figure out current behaviour and situations as a means to create a business plan that is tailored to current needs, rather to working from a top-down perspective of business management. While the directors of Ffangai have an idea of what type of space we need, to assume that our perspective is global is a dangerous assumption.

The questions included are:

  1. Do you live in the Cardiff City Region (Newport-Bridgend-Merthyr Tydfil)? If so, please tell us where.
  2. Where do you work from?
  3. Is your work place any of these: office, permanent resident at an artist studio, no fixed area (mobile), shared office space, hot-desking space at a creative hub, freelancer from home, own business from home, institution (please name), less than five days a week at an artist studio.
  4. How much do you pay for your work space a month?
  5. Please, describe what you do as a creative professional.
  6. What equipment do you currently use in your practice? (Design-ready computer, A3 scanners, print-making equipment, ceramics equipment, paint, etc.)
  7. What equipment do you need for your practice but have no ready access to?
  8. What is the main reason for you not to access shared work space?
  9. What are your main issues/problems/stumbling blocks/worries as a creative practitioner?
  10. Are you a member of any arts organization, group, collective or club? Please name.


If you wish to help us in finding out what is currently going on, please fill this survey.




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