Ffangai is a project started by writer-illustrator Ian Cooke-Tapia for the establishment of a creative hub in Cardiff. As the capital city of Wales and the fastest growing city in the UK, Cardiff is home to hundreds of creative individuals.The city itself is seeing a surge or creative studios and shared spaces, and yet demand not only for a place to work but a place for support and growth keeps is only but growing.

Ffangai is a Maori term for placing a child within a family to be raised by another member of the family if the parents are unable to raise the child themselves. There is a lot of cultural and contextual baggage to the term that makes it more complex than any dictionary definition could ever encapsulate. But for me, I first came across the term as “the family you adopt”. As a word, Ffangai shows a little truth: we make our own families.

Ffangai is still in the very early stages of creation. Looking for space, looking for those children and for a family. But Ffangai aims to  create a space based on the idea of mutual support, multidisciplinary practices, and, perhaps, a shared living space.

This blog is to document and comment on all matters regarding Ffangai as it moves towards its goal of setting up a creative living space in Cardiff.